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Business Person of the Year Nomination Criteria

The Business Person of the Year award is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated personal and professional leadership within the business or non-profit community. This person has grown their company and given back to their community.

The Chamber of Commerce accepts nominations for Business Person of the Year and presents the award at our Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony held in January of each year.

Rules & Criteria:

  • At the time of nomination, the nominee must live in Harrisonburg or Rockingham County, or the business most be located in the area

  • The nominee must have had a business in operation for 5 or more consecutive years.

  • Nominee is not required to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Current Selection Committee members and past winners are not eligible for the award.

  • Nominations will be accepted from the general public and Chamber members, but all nominators must identify themselves.

  • Selection of award winners rests with the committee, whose decision is final, and that group shall keep the nomination information.

  • Information provided on the nominee may be used in publicity materials.

  • Nominations received after the deadline will be treated as a nomination for the following year’s award.

Past Winners:

1975     Samuel H. Shrum
1976     Lewis E. Strite
1977     Winston O. Weaver, Sr.
1978     Charles W. Wampler, Jr.
1979     William H. Groseclose
1980     D. Lathan Mims
1981     Harold L. Durrett
1982     Zane D. Showker
1983     Robert H. Strickler
1984     Arthur Hamilton
1985     Warren L. Braun
1986     T. Carter Melton
1987     D’Earcy P. Davis, Jr. 
1988     Charles O. Strickler
1989     Harvey H. Scott
1990     W. Wallace Hatcher
1991     Herman Mason
1992     Jack D. Reich
1993     Pablo Cuevas
1994     Henry Clark
1995     James Keeler
1996     John Neff  
1997     J. Wayne Alley
1999     Mensel Dean
1999     Richard Lyons 
2000     James Hartman 
2001     Bonnie Neff
2002     Richard Morin
2003     The Shickel Family 
2004     Curt Hartman
2005     Karl Stolzfus, Sr. 
2006     Mike Breeden
2007     James Young
2008     Joe Funkhouser
2009     Dr. James Perkins
2010     David Miller
2011     Dr. Linwood Rose
2012     Mike Pugh
2013     Devon Anders
2014     Neal Menefee
2015     Jimmy Mason