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Health Care

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce supports access to quality health care that is affordable for all Virginians. Improvements in access, quality, and affordability are best achieved through targeted, market-based reform measures that rely principally on the disciplines of the marketplace rather than government regulation. The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber opposes legislative or regulatory actions that:

  • interfere with marketplace efforts to improve quality and control costs;
  • mandate benefits;
  • restrict choices for purchasers and consumers;
  • add to the cost of healthcare and health insurance; and,
  • increase the uninsured population.

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber supports:

  • Health reform that enhances the delivery of high quality and accessible care for everyone.

  • Health reform that aligns Medicare and Medicaid payments with the true cost of high quality and accessible care, thus reducing cost shifting.

  • Public and private initiatives to ensure the availability of meaningful, useful information that equips purchasers and consumers to make informed health care decisions in the marketplace.

  • The retention of ERISA preemptions.

  • Medical liability reform that provides appropriate recourse for negligent behavior in the healthcare delivery process, while recognizing the risk and cost elements associated with providing comprehensive healthcare to diverse segments of society.

  • The formation of purchasing pools — free of benefit mandates— to facilitate the purchase of insurance by small employers. Properly structured to self-insure and fully insure, these pools will afford small purchasers the benefits of economies of scale, bargaining power, uniformity and comparability of options, and reduced administrative costs.

  • The collaborative efforts of healthcare stakeholders—providers, purchasers, insurers, and consumers—to ensure continued innovation and creativity in the private marketplace to devise delivery systems and mechanisms that contain costs, promote wellness behaviors, ensure accessibility to quality care, diminish complexity, enhance choice, and which are measurably accountable to consumers and purchasers.
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