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Workforce Development

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber believes that workforce development programs and the availability of a highly skilled workforce are vital to Virginia's future prosperity and quality of life. The Chamber also recognizes the critical responsibility of business and industry to ensure that schools and workforce development programs are of the highest quality. The Chamber commits to providing leadership for business cooperation with our educational institutions and those that provide workforce development services by communicating needs and expectations, and by sharing resources.

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber recognizes that the availability of a highly skilled labor force is the most persuasive location factor sought by business today and seeks to establish programs and policies that will achieve such a workforce across the state.

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber supports the following:

  • The work of the Virginia Workforce Council to foster regionally designed workforce development programs with distinct business input.

  • Continued development in the Virginia Community College System of centers of excellence that build on Virginia's basic industrial advantages.

  • Effective implementation of the Workforce Investment Act, which maximizes the impact of federal funding and underscores the leadership role of business in program design for workforce preparation.

  • A multi-faceted approach to workforce development involving K-12, vocational and proprietary schools, apprenticeship programs, and public and private two- and four-year institutions, which provides an educational pathway from  certification of general work place readiness to certification of specific skills and competencies to two, four, and graduate degrees.

  • Enhancing the capacity to deliver lifelong learning opportunities  to the general population; and

  • Continued involvement by business in this issue, the solution to which is challenging and long-term, but essential to Virginia's attractiveness as a business location as well.
Melicca Dunn