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Entrepreneur of the Year Nomination Criteria

The Entrepreneur of the Year award is awarded to an individual who has taken risks in business – started a new venture; expanded into a new area; taken on a difficult project; someone whose thinking is “outside the box”; an astute businessperson with a vision for the future.

The Chamber of Commerce accepts nominations for Entrepreneur of the Year and presents the award at our Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony held in January of each year.

Rules & Criteria:

  • At the time of nomination, the nominee must live in Harrisonburg or Rockingham County, or the business most be located in the area

  • The nominee must have had a business in operation for 3 or more consecutive years.

  • Nominee is not required to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Current Selection Committee members and past winners are not eligible for the award.

  • Nominations will be accepted from the general public and Chamber members, but all nominators must identify themselves.

  • Selection of award winners rests with the committee, whose decision is final, and that group shall keep the nomination information.

  • Information provided on the nominee may be used in publicity materials.

  • Nominations received after the deadline will be treated as a nomination for the following year’s award.

Past Winners:

1985     Chester Bradfield
1986     Frank J. Campbell & Richard H. Collins
1987     Daniel Brubaker
1988     Wayne B. Ruck & Jerry F. Morris
1989     James Wheatley, Sr.
1990     Dwight Hartman
1991     Dwight O. Wyse
1992     George J. Willi
1993     Thomas Jackson
1994     Steve Bird, Ron Williams & Paige Will
1995     Conan Showalter
1996     Daniel Beam
1997     John L. Hopkins III
1998     The McDaniel Brothers
1999     Robert Plecker
2000     Bill V. Neff, Sr. 
2001     Rodney Eagle 
2002     Joe Bowman
2003     David Miller
2004     Floyd W. Morris Jr.
2005     Brad Driver
2006     Virginia Poultry Grower’s Coop
2007     William Young
2008     Chad Layman
2009     John Hall
2010     Aaron Ludwig
2011     Keith May
2012     Katrina Didot
2013     Todd Dofflemyer
2014     Tim Heydon
2015     Barry Kelley                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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