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Economic Studies

JMU’s Office of Institutional Research recently conducted an in-depth analysis of the economic impact the university makes in Harrisonburg, Rockingham County and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Click here to download a brochure that summarizes the results.

The Numbers:

■ More than 4,500 non-JMU jobs in the local area were the result of university-related spending; the total employment related to JMU was 8,200.

■ Roughly 13 percent of all local employment, including JMU employment, resulted from university-related spending.

■ More than $448 million were spent locally by the university, students, employees and student visitors.

■ More than $62 million were spent in “indirect effects” — payments to local businesses that were re-spent with other local businesses.

■ More than $67 million was spent in “induced effects” — payroll received by employees working for local businesses that were re-spent to support their households.

■ More than $66 million (71 percent of the FY 2009 total) were spent with local firms for capital planning and construction.

■ Almost $16 million in health-insurance premiums paid by the university for its employees was returned in payments to local health-care providers.

■ Almost $11 million in retiree benefits from the Virginia Retirement System and non-VRS retirements plans were paid to JMU retirees.

■ University-related spending generated a tax effect of $10.5 million in revenue to local governments and $22.7 million to the state.

■ More than $62 million were spent with local small- , women and minority-owned businesses.

■ More than $15 million were spent by student visitors.

■ Students using their JMU Flex Card electronic debit accounts spent more than $1.2 million off campus and in the local community.

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